Fran Cosmo Formerly Of Boston

July 21 & 22 • 8PM & 10PM


Fran Cosmo exploded onto the rock scene as the lead singer for the legendary group
BOSTON in 1992. Fran was featured as the lead vocalist on the “Walk On” album
which sold over a million copies worldwide. Fran’s lead vocals were also featured on
four of the songs on the “Corporate America” album and both of BOSTON’s greatest hits.
The band also features Anton Cosmo, former member of BOSTON. Anton wrote and
performed four songs off the “Corporate America” album and performed as the backing
vocalist and guitarist on the 2003-2004 world tours. Fran Cosmo, a classic rock legend,
is a must-see in live performance, and is known for his high energy and outstanding
vocals that very few can still perform.

The Cosmos are not currently affiliated with the band BOSTON.
BOSTON® is a registered trademark of Tom Scholz. All rights reserved.

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