Project 21 Scholarship Program

Underage gambling is against the law!


Project 21 is an awareness campaign aimed at informing the general public of the consequences associated with underage gambling. The goal of the Scholarship Program is to disseminate information to students concerning the issues of underage gambling. This is accomplished by encouraging students to:

1. Write informative essays addressing the consequences of underage gambling;

2. Create posters regarding underage gambling; and

3. Design Public Service Announcement videos/DVDs, not exceeding 2 minutes and at least 60 seconds, on the consequences of underage gambling.

Three $2,000 Project 21 Scholarships will be awarded.

Scholarship Rules:

Eligibility: All students age 17-21 currently attending high school, vocational school or undergraduate college and residing in the counties listed below are eligible to participate in the Project 21 Scholarship program (except for those described in Rule 7 below).

          a. Indiana: Vanderburgh, Posey, Gibson, Warrick, Pike, Spencer, and Knox.

          b. Kentucky: Daviess and Henderson.
If a Tropicana Evansville Team Member resides outside the above-named counties  but has a relative that meets all other requirements, the Project 21 Executive Committee will assess the eligibility of the applicant on an individual basis.


2. Submission: One copy of student essay must be submitted. The original poster with your name and address on the back must be submitted. Videos must be no longer than 2 minutes and at least 60 seconds, must be submitted. Limit one entry, per student, per year.

3. Application: A Project 21 Scholarship Application must accompany the essay, poster or video submission. Any student may obtain a Project 21 Scholarship Application from their Guidance Counselor, by emailing, by calling (812) 433-4059, or by writing Tropicana Evansville, Attn: Amanda Schisler, 421 NW Riverside Dr., Evansville, IN 47708. All completed Applications must be returned along with the selected media entry to the address above on or before April 2, 2021. The submission of an Application gives the Project 21 Executive Committee or any member thereof the right to use the student’s name, photo, essay, poster or video in media announcements and other publications without compensation. The essay, poster or video becomes the property of Project 21.

4. Standards: Essays, posters and video will be reviewed and judged for originality, content, style, and educational value. Essays will also be judged for journalistic content. All essays, posters, and videos become the property of Project 21 and will not be returned except at the Project 21 Executive Committee’s discretion. The focus of the theme of the student essay, poster, or video should be on the topic of deterring young people from engaging in underage gambling or on the social and/or legal ramifications of underage gambling (e.g., fines, penalties, criminal records, deterrence).

5. Judging: Final judging and the selection of the top three submissions will be determined by the Project 21 Executive Committee. All decisions made by the Project 21 Executive Committee will be final.

6. Notice to Winners: Notification to the author of the winning essay and the creators of the poster and video will be announced by May 1, 2021, via certified mail. The checks will be issued to the winner’s college to help pay for their tuition unless Rule 10 applies.

7. Ineligibility: Although Tropicana Evansville employees over the age of 21 are not eligible to participate in the scholarship, their children or other relatives that meet all other eligibility requirements may apply. Relatives of Tropicana Evansville Senior Leadership Team, members of the Project 21 Executive Committee, or previous scholarship winners are ineligible. More than one entry per student, per year will result in disqualification of applicant.

8. Scholarship Awards: The student author and student artists of the winning submission will receive a $2,000 Project 21 Scholarship in accordance with Rules 9 and 10 below.

9. Joint Authorship: If a winning essay, poster, or video is created by more than one student, then the students will all share equally in the $2,000 Project 21 Scholarship. (For example, if one essay has two student authors, each will receive a $1,000 Scholarship.)

10. Scholarship Check Distribution: The Project 21 Scholarship checks will be issued to the winner’s college to help pay for their tuition. If a winning student has not yet chosen a school of higher education to attend, Tropicana Evansville will hold the $2,000 (or the pro rata amount as the case may be) in escrow until notified in writing that the student is ready to attend a school. The proceeds will not be held for longer than four years. After four years, the proceeds will be donated to a charitable agency or used for a charitable purpose (including other Project 21 Scholarships) if the funds have not been disbursed by that time.

Click on the LINK below for the 2021 Application and Guidelines.

2021 Application and Guidelines

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